KAIRA SAYAH  civil name IVA

Hlavni-profilovka-ivaI am your guide on the path of shadow work, a friendly support in the processes of self-acceptance, and a true heretic - a subversive force, a destroyer of constructs your mind has tailored... - a loving detector of self-deceit.
I am Eve - a luminous source guiding you out from darkness, a warm embrace full of kindness and attention...
and I am also Lilith, - intoxicating power, heat gone wild, unleashed and passionate, ...
I, Lilith, will navigate you back to your own source of energy.
My disdain for meaningless conventions, artificial authorities, and tactless manipulations will evoke all your repressed desires and rejected (by you or society) aspects of your personality.
I, Eve, will carefully guide your process, provide for your physical and mental well-being, shower all your "selves" that will emerge with love and bathe them in acceptance.
Lilith's immediate openness and straightforwardness can even paint up a small painful but truthful picture of your life and the way you have been playing the game of your life.
And if you choose to see the true and completely unveiled "version" of yourself, Eva will give you the power to know your original self - to discover yourself more deeply, to accept yourself and begin to enjoy yourself in freedom, to be free and joyfully create your life, your world.
I am neither good, nor bad. I can be anything, just as any of you can be.
I do not deny my darkness, for only from it can I draw my strength and preserve my freedom..


Just like day and night.....Sun and Moon.....Lilith and Eve.....everything has its reason and rightful place in the world, in life, in us... everything is within us.



You can pay in EURO according to current exchange rate

Tantric massage (always tailored to client) 4.850 Kč/2 hours
6.650 Kč/3 hours
BDSM tantra 5.300 Kč/2 hours
7.100 Kč/3 hours
Vaginal/anal mapping                                  4.850 Kč/cca 2,5 hours
A dream come true 5.750 Kč/2 hours 7.550 Kč/3 hours
Passionate fussion 9.530 Kč/2 hours
12.950 Kč/3 hours
Divine massage 8.550 Kč/4 hours
10.700 Kč/5 hours
Wish ritual Individually by appointment
Hot Nirvana 1250 Kč/30 min. (can only be ordered for tantric massage)
CBD tantra 5.300 Kč/2 hours
7.100 Kč/3 hours
Personal consultation 1.250 Kč/1 hours
2.250 Kč/2 hours

  * Valid from 1. 1. 2024.


Passage of Realization (5+k)
After a one-time payment in advance, you receive a voucher for 5 visits and a personal consultation 2 hrs in length (with some time extra or less, according to your needs), this consultation being a present for your commitment to develop a better self.

Tantric Journey (10+1+k)
After a one-time payment in advance, you receive a voucher for 10 visits and also another 1 visits and a personal consultation 2 hrs in length (with some time extra or less, according to your needs), as a gift for your valor to explore your depths

Each massage is unique.
I also always take respect and ask about all necessary details entering the situation (your intent, the order placed, your momentary mood you arrive in, setting and reaction during the talk, seasons of the year as well as time of the day, life situation, momentary level of sensitivity of the body, physical boundaries and so on).
Once I know everything you are willing to share, you can just lie down and open to what is about to come.


Forms of working with the body



+420 737 553 122, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I prefer texting via Telegram or email. When I am with clients, you cannot reach me by phone.


Mo-Su 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Always upon previous agreement.
The more in advance you book a term, the easier I accommodate to your chosen time.



My learning experience




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