danit-tantra-3I am a positive and communicative woman with a sense of humor and ability to create a relaxed atmosphere. I like to look at things from different angles and do not succumb to societal conventions. Even so, I can adjust to any arising situation and apply my best to it. That is what I do during massaging. Massage techniques are certainly important, but a massage from the heart is the only true way to be beneficial for a given individual.

I like people, their society and anything that makes them interesting. Everyone is an individual and each person has many beautiful things. It is an honor for me to unveil this beauty and bring it to the surface. It satisfies me when through my touch I can release, please, help to feel and calm down or, conversely, to awaken or rekindle something long forgotten.

Tantra massage is my mission in life. After my first massage, I already knew that this is what I want to do in my life. I just found an activity that is fun, as well as my pleasure and livelihood. I just found an activity that is fun to me, gives me pleasure and livelihood.

With me, you will always feel like the first time, because I love my work more and more. Routine in my massage and in my life means nothing to me.



Professional certified training in holistic sensual massage at the European Academy of Somatic Education (EASE).
- Holistic ritual of sensual tantric massage
- Intimate massage and reflexology
- Vaginal mapping

profil-1- Anal massage-Massage of pelvic floor and prostate
- Working with breath and a big draw- Ritual of senses
- Massage of elements
- Massage of body cavities (mouth, nose, ears)
Dorn Method a Breussova massage
(Mgr. Prouzová, Josef Púry)

Reflex terapie (Patakyovi)

Course in Montessori pedagogy

Body language - clothing, head, attitude
(MUDr. PhDr. Miroslav Krejčíř)
Intensive training in family constellations
(Mgr. Věra Kučerová)
Reiki, first and second degree
(Eva Fialová, Ing. Petr Švec)

Communication and presentation techniques
Forming of professional image
Communications with problem clients



Tantra Dornovka ReflexkaReiky IReiky IIRodinné konstelace cert-7 oblecenirectelahlava cert-tree  certifikat 15



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