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I tailor and prepare each individual massage according to your needs.
As soon as you arrive (often even earlier), our tuning to each other starts taking place.
During the talk, I tune myself to the vibration you have and that carries information much needed for further work.

Please, do not fear - this kind of information is based purely on the level of body and personal energy. I do not read you individual stories that define you - however, you can tell me those in person, if you like.

Our talk also serves to get to know each other in more depth, to create a sense of mutual trust and to dissolve any barriers or doubts we may encounter.

Each massage is unique.
I also always take respect and ask about all necessary details entering the situation (your intent, the order placed, your momentary mood you arrive in, setting and reaction during the talk, seasons of the year as well as time of the day, life situation, momentary level of sensitivity of the body, physical boundaries and so on).
Once I know everything you are willing to share, you can just lie down and open to what is about to come.



Butterfly touch

A very gentle relaxing touches only with the fingertips like a veil full of butterflies, returning your sensitivity and perception of the softness.

Šakti fire

Working with the body that opens space of your wildness, provokes  the animal inside of you, frees your  natural vigour and opens an ancient source of power

Sensual massage

A mostly non-contact massage, which makes for a stronger and more interesting experience for those opening their perception of energy


This is a tantric massage based on the Fiery Shakti Massage, which is complemented by a prostate massage (male G-spot). This massage is for men very curative and healing. But it is also a bit on the edge. Just as women discover their female G spot and enjoy it after a certain maturity, so do mature men enjoy prostate massage after certain age or experience. It is very individual. One man discovers the magic of male G-spot stimulation in his 20s. Another will find a penchant for it at 50 and still another one maybe never. Anyway, this massage is very beneficial as it prevents prostate cancer and results in better blood circulation in this area. It also radiates energy from the very centre to the whole body.

Big pull

An energizing experience of orgasm with no ejaculation - I describe, demonstrate, show the tricks and you can carry the new techniques home, where you can continue with your partner and make full use of it.

The Great Circuit

This technique has its roots in Taoism and is about a precise breath work and muscle work. When practised properly, it leads the sexual energy into whole body (relieving the pressure felt in genitals) and brings both men and women into a full-body ecstasy and sometimes also much further, into higher perception levels.

It is showing you another dimension of experiencing sex, can be repeated several times and is beneficial for the man, as he does not lose his energy but cummulates it and leads into whole body.

Thirteenth chamber and anal mapping

A very sensitive and meditative massage nurturing the entire body, including the anus and it’s surroundings - just at the entry level first, and than continuing deeper.

The experience of this massage is very specific and requires a certain kind of mindset, ability to relax and a will to merge deeply into the experience.
Often the anal massage misinterpreted as prostate massage of anal mapping.

When I put it simply, the main difference lies in how advanced you are regarding self-work, how open you are towards discovering your unconscious fears, patterns, shadows and how well you can embrace the fountain of occurring emotions.
The prostate massage is mainly about pleasure, unveiling a new dimension of sexual fullfillment and about its integration into one’s life.
Of course I don’t have to state the fact that only men have a prostate.
Another level of experience is the anal massage, encomassing the whole circle of anus and the inside of collon, playing with one’s tailbone, aligning it, rejuvenating one’s blood flow in the arrea, alleviating the pain and so on.

A properly done massage is a pleasant and painless one. This can be done only when we are well set in our minds and when we feel safely in the presence of the giver (the masseuse).
When we allow ourselves to enter the space of a new experience, our body can reach a truly interesting state and sensuality.

The highest grade is the anal mapping, which is, together with vaginal mapping, a means of therapy accompanied with release of some not-so-pleasant emotions.
Thanks to the bodywork, one can feel and accept these feelings, resolve them and liberate oneself from those.

The purpose of this massage is to de-armor one’s body and get rid of old and unnecessary fears and reestablish new and beneficial feelings in one’s body instead.
This massage requires a long foreplay.
To be fully accepted, the giver and the taker have to establish a deep atmosphere of mutual trust and deeply relax the body.


Another, perhaps even more advanced massage is the Tantric Triad. Here we will take together a very meditative journey through your body cavities. After a thorough preparation and tuning of your entire body, I will pay utmost attention to your mouth. I will massage it both from the outside, as well as from the inside. Through your gums, I will spoil the roots of your teeth and eventually the palate, where many people have experienced a point of pleasure. Next, I will massage your nostrils and the entire nose. Even here, people have reported excitable feelings, but these are already very specific and individual experiences. The third part of the massage is focused on the ears, at first from the outside, where reflex points from throughout the body are concentrated. After that, I will massage your ear canal.

Refresh – simply said BDSM Tantra

Are you brave enough to cross one’s shade of doubts and fear of the unknown, offering oneself to the new experience of self-realization and relaxation?
You will be rewarded by feelings of fulfillment and refreshment flowing through your whole being and uplifting your body and soul.
Wait for everything, expect nothing.
The Refresh will be a thriller till the very last second.
This massage is a response to the momentary and actual moods temper/state of mind of a modern-day man… influenced and absorbed by a modern civilized world.
It works as an instant tuning and replenishing of inner reservoirs running dry.
The goal is to create and provide a very intense experience that compensates for any life disharmonious area of the life that is being filled to the brim, and lasts for several hours.
On our “pursuit of happiness”, we have accepted to carry the burden of excessive requirements.
But are those requirements real and fulfillable? Do we really feel the way our society dictates, or do we just suppress our true and primary reactions?
Do you have a a demanding job, constantly under the pressure of stress, stopping your flow of emotions and limiting your mobility?
Perhaps you’ve started going to some massages, but you’re still missing something?
You already found out how to relax your body, but your head feels like a beehive, never allowing to unleash the ties of work, family and all that’s in reach?

We make everything clear during the entry talk and once I get more closely acquainted with your ideas and feelings, I can start tailoring the message to your needs.
The desired effect is to establish the state of inner harmony, in most cases leading to the feeling of utmost FRESHNESS, a complex mix of relaxation and fulfillment.
How long the effects will last, is strictly individual.

My practice has shown that even a few hours can effectively compensate for the inner disbalances and “put new blood into one’s veins”, when the antagonist techniques were chosen properly and aimed at the right spots.
This massage is more of the playful and wild kind and crosses the border of anything that can be chartered, making a huge space for everything that longs to leave its limits, and for chain-taming anything that has gone too wild.


Do you want to enjoy something absolutely luxurious? A four, five or even six-hour stay outside everyday reality of life in the arms of one or two masseuses will bring you the real rest. We will pamper and massage you luxuriously for an unusually long time until your body dissolves in waves of soothing relaxation and pleasurable arousal. You will choose the massages which will comprise your Divine Massage or you can leave the choice to the intuition of your masseuses. You might try an experimental way through all kinds of massages and get a full experience of the tantric approach. Or you can get an infinitely long massage, while tasting selected delicacies and listen to relaxing music. Time will cease to exist for all of us.


Vaginal mapping is a very effective method that increases the sensitivity of the vagina, dissolves old traumas and scars, on both the physical and emotional levels. The aim is to stimulate again the joy of sexual experiences in a woman. It also sensitizes her intimate areas and opens her up to love and all the gifts of life.

Your vagina records and stores all your traumatic experiences. It includes all forms of rape, mechanical sexual experience, lack of lovemaking, masturbation, during which you were caught and the resulting negative reaction. It also registers childbirths, surgical interventions, abortions, but also mental pain and so on. It is very individual, because what someone feels as a shock and trauma, others can absorb quite easily. In the vagina, some events created scars, others unusual lumps, still others lead to numbness in some area. All these things can lead to deterioration of the quality of woman’s life, especially in the area of sexuality and intimacy.

Vaginal mapping is designed very individually and is based on the initial interview with the client. For the vaginal mapping to be effective, it needs to be completed at least three times. Carried out for the first time, this technique can trigger mixed or uncomfortable feelings. This is natural, because the stored pain brings up various reactions. That is why I am offering this massage as a series of three, six, or ten sessions, two or three hours each. I do not perform this massage in a shorter time, because the relaxation of my client and inducing the necessary safe atmosphere needs time and tranquillity.

Passionate Union

A massage for couples, the combination female and male masseuses depends purely on your choice
Donor each other a gift with your partner and indulge into a shared massage.
Pay yourself time for leisure, relaxation and relief… whilst the masseuses will intensively nurture every spot in your bodies and will bring you to the peak of blissfulness.
After the massage, you as a couple will have time to bring a happy and sensual epilog or a climax of the whole play.


The so-called “Massage Gift”, that one side of the couple offers to their better part.
Me (the masseuse) concentrates on the energy work, whilst your partner gives you loveful touch, kisses to their beloved one.
There is also another variant, where one of the couple can get inspired by the techniques of tantra, or as a couple, they can learn the art of conscious lovemaking.

This is a magical ritual that helps to materialize your desires. Everything that has sufficient energy can materialize and the sexual energy is one of the very strong ones. Don’t let it aimlessly float away, but direct it to your specific plan. Each additional person, who focuses on the same thing, multiplies its materialization. That is why this ritual is so magical. Since everyone has a different goal to reach at the moment, it is better to have a prior consultation with the masseuse on the specific structure of the ritual. During the consultation we will talk about your plans and ideas. I will explain to you the principles of operation and ways of performing this ritual. Together, we will create a custom-made concept of ritual just for you and your goals.


There are certaina areas in our life that rather call for a gentle word and being listened to. Bodywork can address many problem, but requires proper timing and a well-chosen method. If you need to consult whether the chosen method is suitable for your current life situation, or perhaps you feel some insecurity and would like to meet your masseuse in advance and in person, you can pay us a visit and “soak up” the energy of the studio or speak about anything that may come to your mind.

A 30-minute consultation is something I offer to anybody for free.
Would you wish to continue on the path of words, I am here for you and provide vast knowledge of Tantra, bodywork, sexuality and somatic experiencing, couple partnership, work with energy, self-help and self-development, the Universal principles, alternative health care, wisdom about finances and on many other topics.


One deserves something hot for starters before the actual massage - get yourself a warm and cosy body care and remove the piles and sediments of energy from the outside world.
Nothing is hotter then the “hot towels” ritual, where hot towels are being put on you naked body, making it softer and maintaining the pleasant temperature.
As the towels have to be warmed up in a special machine, we prepare them at least 30 min in advance - that’s why I prefer knowing about your hot wish as soon as you order and book your term.