After obtaining my doctorate in pharmacy, I began my professional career as a pharmacist. I was led to this field by my inner desire to help people, to understand the principles of diseases and their treatment, After a few years of practice and subsequent deep disillusionment with the real principles of classical Western medicine and pharmacy, I left this field, despite the fact that at that time I was already in a high position. I found a direction that recognizes and respects the principles of connection of body, mind and soul - I discovered my passion for tantric massages. From the very beginning of my professional path as tantra massage therapist, I was fascinated by learning about the principles of energy flow in the body and also by the possibility of giving the client the opportunity to connect to his own source of sexual energy and help him understand how to use it in his everyday life as a source of creative life energy. However, after 8 years of practice, I began to feel that this, although amazing and very beneficial technique, had its limits. Subconsciously, I was looking for something else that would teach me personally something new about my own energy life source. I found it in the method of body de-armouring, which still amazes me with its multi-level healing potential and very individual and variable influence on each individual person, as well as with transformational overlap into everyday life. Therefore, I decided to provide body de-armouring also professionally as a massage therapist. Currently I am offering: tantric massages, body de-armouring amd tantra de-armouring (their combination)



Tantric massage is a very sensual experience.. The main goal is to use the active sexual energy of the recipient for deep relaxation of the body and mind in a safe and comfortable space. It uses various massage techniques and breathing exercises, the touch is conscious, the intensity is from very gentle to firm and earthy. During the massage, attention is paid to the whole body, including the intimate parts. The purpose of the massage is to achieve the experience of active sexual energy present in the WHOLE body (orgasm is not a condition for this), which can lead to states of expanded consciousness. Tantric massage also has a therapeutic overlap, with opportunity for self-knowledge.

The minimum length of the massage is 2 hours.



Body de-armouring is a method of releasing various energy blockages, stuck life energy, emotional traumas and physical tensions. It therefore works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. It releases various physical pains, energy blocks and emotional wounds stored in our body system (preventing the natural flow of our life sexual energy throughout the body) and leaves us then deeply relaxed and charged with energy, opens us to connection with our own inner wisdom, liberated from limiting and dysfunctional mental patterns, unhealthy beliefs and old emotional burdens. We will be connected to the understanding of the beauty of life and to the joy of life at all levels. We become more authentic, strengthened and (self) conscious human beings.

A de-armouring session can be compared to a trigger point massage, where deep pressuere is put on various points on the body to release physical, emotional and mental tensions. Trigger points are small local muscle nodes, painful during physical stimulation. These small muscle tensions arise from several causes. At the physical level, they can be caused by improper body posture, unilateral long-term overload, or short-term extreme overload on any part of the body. However, they can also be a result of long-term mental stress or emotional stress. The body, mind and soul are connected and interact with each other, so healing of one part benefits all other parts. Body de-armouring is a method that recognizes this connection and the integrity of the human being (unlike trigger point massage, which focuses exclusively on the physical side of human beings). Its main purpose is to release and remove the energetic "armor" (armour) and thus allow our life (sexual) energy to flow naturally throughout the body. Practically, body de-armouring is based on putting deep pressure on various points on the body of the recipient, which has several consequences - at the physical level there is (individually also very intense) physical pain, at the emotional level various emotions associated with a particular body point emerge, at the energy level variously intense waves of sexual energy flowing through whole body appear and at the spiritual level are often present states of extended consciousness. The intensity of physical pain is always set individually with each client with deep respect to his personal boundaries and communicated during the whole session. After session you feel refreshed, energized and deeply relaxed. 

The minimum length of the session is 2 hours.



Tantra body de-armouring is a combination of two techniques: tantric massage and body de-armouring. Each one has its own specifics and differences, but they have the same main purpose: activation and releasing of your basic life (sexual) energy

The difference between them is that tantra activates the so-called hot sexual energy (ie with sexual arousal, even by direct stimulation of the intimate parts), while body de-armouring is targeted at so-called cold sexual energy (ie without sexual arousal, without direct stimulation of the intimate parts). Another difference is that while in tantra the touch is very gentle, kind, smooth, in de-armouring the contact with the physical body is more intense and deep and often accompanied by a feeling of pain (when pressure is put on the body part where physical and energy tension is present). The combination of these two approaches is very effective, allowing more intense and deeper experience compared to each technique separately. During the massage, many clients perceive it as a very pleasant blending and frequent alteration of the subtlety and sensuality of the tantric massage with the rougher and more dynamic elements of body de-armouring.

The minimum length of the session is 2 hours.




2h - 4.500 CZK / 180 €

2,5h - 5.500 CZK / 210 €

3h - 6.500 CZK / 250 €



2h - 4.600 CZK / 190 €

2,5h - 5.600 CZK / 230 €

3h - 6.600 CZK / 270 €



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