PAVLA - profI was directed to the spiritual path since I was 19 years old.  Then I had the opportunity to participate in group meditation, dynamic and other meditation types including induction to Reiki.  Even then, I was fascinated by the possibilities, which we are blessed with.  Due to the perception of my own energy and interest in working with it, I went on a lifelong journey of Tantra, which fills me and never ceases to surprise me.  With this journey are associated learning, exploring of my own body and working with it, as well as cleansing of physical and mental shell.  Therefore, I am on my way accompanied by various helpers and natural deities.  By the same token, each of you can pass something to me, because we are all unique beings.  Currently one of my helpers is Kambo, the giant leap frog, who people worship as the spirit of the jungle.  I took a Tantra course in the Spiritual Resonance School and am currently attending Divine Tantra workshops in Brno.  Each of us is a unique being full of energy.  Join me in respect to wake it up, to embrace and celebrate it.  Do not be afraid to feel your soul through my loving touch and with me forget your daily stress.
With me, you do not need to be afraid of anything.

I am looking forward to seeing you, your Pavla.

Tel: 723 833 687

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