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Valid 1/5/2018
Tantric massage(always tailored to guest) 3.900 Kč/2 hours 5.600 Kč/3 hours
Energy detox 4.300 Kč/2 hours  
Refresh 4.300 Kč/2 hours 6.100 Kč/3 hours
Vaginal/anal mapping 4.000 Kč/ ca. 2,5 hours
A dream come true 4.700 Kč/2 hours 6.700 Kč/3 hours
Passionate fusion 6.900 Kč/2 hours 9.600 Kč/3 hours
Divine massage 7.300 Kč/4 hours 9.000 Kč/5 hours
Ritual wishes Individually upon agreement
Hot Nirvana 900 Kč/30 min. (can only be ordered for tantric massage)
Personal consultation 900 Kč/1 hours 1.600 Kč/2 hours
The Path to Knowledgen 18.500 Kč/ 5 x 2 hours 26.500 Kč/ 5 x 3 hours
Tantric pilgrimage 35.000 Kč/10 x hours 50.000 Kč/10 x 3 hours


Each massage is very sensitively designed specifically for the client. The masseuse or masseur already ‘senses’ as you arrive and during the interview before the massage. The conversation also serves to gain mutual understanding, build trust, clarify goals, and eliminate barriers and confusion.

The scope of our skills and the proven techniques we utilise:

  • Butterfly touch - a very gentle relaxing massage in which the masseuse uses just their fingertips like a veil full of butterflies, returning your sensitivity and perception of the softness
  • Shakti fire - a massage that opens space for your wildness, provokes the animal inside of you, frees your natural vigour and opens an ancient source of power
  • Sensual massage - a mostly non-contact massage, which makes for a stronger and more interesting experience for those opening their perception of energy
  • Magic flare - a healthy prostate massage (male G spot) is another dimension of pleasure for men
  • Vaginal mapping: reconnecting with your full femininity, healing old wounds that have a negative impact on your life, treating scars in the vagina (e.g. from childbirth or surgery) that could cause numbness or pain during sexual intercourse, self-acceptance and finding joy and pleasure from the experience of your body.
  • Passionate fusion - couples massage, choice and combination of masseuses and masseuses is purely your decision
  • Dream come true -  ‘Gift massage’ - a massage often chosen by a person for their partner.. Three people are involved in the massage: the recipient, their partner and the masseuse.  The masseuse works on energy, the partner provides loving touches and kisses or learns or draws inspiration from the tantric techniques of the masseuse.
  • Big pull - Energetic experience of climax without ejaculation - after previous training.
  • Thirteenth chamber - anal massage - or anal mapping ... a highly specialised massage for the advanced.
  • Tantric trio - Mouth, Nose, Ears - a very meditative experience for the advanced. 
  • Ritual wishes for individuals - the path to making your dreams come true - a necessary prior meeting and preparation.

Personal consultations - in the field of tantra, work with the body, experiencing your sexuality, partnership, work with energy, personal development and much more

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We will be happy to provide you with all information:
-     at the e-mail address for reservations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we usually respond within 1 hour to 2 days - depending on how busy the salon is,
-    at: 702 813 833 on:     MON, WED, FRI: 10 a.m. - noon, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
TUES, THUR   9 a.m. - 11 a.m., 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
-    text message at any time - we will respond as quickly as possible????





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Now a new option just for couples to enjoy a massage in your hotel room, where you're staying, or we recommend an overnight staying in the lovers' asylum Slévačská 9, Brno. This option is organizationally and technically demanding, so we charge a surcharge (incl. payment of travel) 500 CZK (20 EUR)/one masseuse (Dream comes true) and 800CZK (30 EUR)/2 masseuses or masseuse and massager (Passionate fusion).